Surprise and Preempt Options

RogueDeus – Surprise and Preempt Options

I just wanted all the options I could think of, at my disposal.


Main Features:

  • Allows for guarantee Surprise and Preempt with switches.
  • Allows for temporary chance Surprise and Preempt with game variables.
  • Allows for ‘cursed’ feature objects (states, equips, etc) that guarantee no battle will ever preempt, or every battle will be a surprise.
  • Allows for feature object traits to ADJUST non-guarantee surprise and preempt rates.



 Terms of Use

Go crazy. Do what you want with it. Just credit me ‘RogueDeus’ and consider offering me a copy of your game if you sell it.

With love. 🙂


Personal Disclaimer!!

I have offered this script to you, because I hope others might get the kind of utility from it, as I have gotten from so many other scripts provided to the community. However, I will warn you… I offer it with extremely limited support.

This is a core script for my own build, I wrote it for my own use and share it with your understanding that my primary focus is to complete my own work, and not to complete yours. At least, not right now. I hope you understand that as a result, I won’t entertain new features unless they appeal to my own work. Feel free to suggestions them, just don’t be surprised if I ignore them. Actually, its best if you EXPECT me to. 😉



Script Requirements:

– Knowledge of database note-tags. (This script is NOT plug and play)

Script Supports:

– N/A



Place this script somewhere BELOW scripts such as Yanfly’s Battle System or anything else that alters (Class) BattleManager, Scene_Battle, etc…

Download Script. (Last Updated: 15_0630, v1.00)


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