AP Combat System

RogueDeus – AP Combat System

This is my take on Yanlfy’s Battle System.

I used to use FTB for my build, but after some time I decided that it simply wasn’t conducive to what I imagined was adequate strategy. It seemed to completely remove urgency from decision making, and by its design invalidated a large portion of what would make some class designs (with speed of action) worth making.

On the flip side, I had made so much of my advanced mechanics dependent on Yanfly’s engine that I couldn’t justify utilizing other more active systems, such as Ao no Kiseki CBS, and the like. It would have meant re-writing way to many scripts. (Most I can not share due to their inter-dependencies and simply messy code)

Main Features:

– Fixed order of action, based on battler initiative.

(But with the ability to ‘delay’ action until the next battler in line acts.)

– Actions execute upon selection.

– Actions cost AP to perform.

(With the option of making then FREE, thus effectively instant. For even more actions in one turn!)

 Terms of Use

Go crazy. Do what you want with it. Just credit me ‘RogueDeus’ and consider offering me a copy of your game if you sell it.

(Keep in mind this script currently REQUIRES use of Yanlfy’s scripts. See his terms of use as well!)

With love. 🙂

Personal Disclaimer!!

I have offered this script to you, because I hope others might get the kind of utility from it, as I have gotten from so many other scripts provided to the community. However, I will warn you… I offer it with extremely limited support.

This is a core script for my own build, I wrote it for my own use and share it with your understanding that my primary focus is to complete my own work, and not to complete yours. At least, not right now. I hope you understand that as a result, I won’t entertain new features unless they appeal to my own work. Feel free to suggestions them, just don’t be surprised if I ignore them. Actually, its best if you EXPECT me to. 😉

Script Requirements:

– Yanfly’s Core Engine and Battle Engine (Core Engine may be optional)

– Knowledge of database note-tags. (This script is NOT plug and play)

Script Supports:

Hime’s Command Manager (Optional for moving Actor Commands in their list.)


Place this script directly BELOW Yanfly’s Battle System and somewhere BELOW Hime’s Command Manager scripts. And READ ITS USE NOTES THOROUGHLY!!

(It overwrites quite a few of Yanfly’s code, and may overwrite other scripts code if not kept above them. So be sure to place this script on the next line under Yanflys script. However, as long as Hime’s script is anywhere above this script, its ok.)

Download Script. (Last Updated: 15_0827, v1.04)

Planned Features:

– Skills that effect target AP.

– AP’s display an actions ‘use’ before execution.

– Dynamic AP costs for actions. (Based on ID, type, or tag using Hime’s Tag Manager)


2 thoughts on “AP Combat System

  1. So this is like the turn system of Divinity Original Sin where turn order is based on initiative then you can do several actions during each battlers turn based on the amount of AP the battler has?

    Please do take note of Hime’s terms though which says that you need to contact Hime for commercial use of the command manager script which is a required script for your system. Which actually means that people cannot really use your system for commercial projects without contacting Hime first.

    • I had not thought of the similarity with Divinity. It is a good system though. I put over 80hrs into that game within the first week it released… Ouch. (Damn you Steam profile!)
      And yes. I can only allow the use of my code. I do mention the use of other authors work. However, its really not to hard for someone to add the commands to the list without Hime’s script if they were to be concerned about it. I only used it to make quick test cases for command order and such.
      I may hard code it at a later time. If its important. 😉

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