If you insist…

I am an uneducated, highly intuitive, do it yourself (problem solver) type that eschews formal instruction and would rather figure things out as I need them, rather than as someone else thinks I need them… I am a quick study of most ‘obvious’ things, but that speed is directly correlated to the subjects obviousness.


I code, because I must. And while the problem solver in me does find a kind of satisfaction figuring out a code solution to my problem, I often get the feeling that my penchant for self reliance causes me more frustration than is necessary. That’s not to mean I dislike coding… It means I would MUCH rather do something else. If I could trust the competency and ‘fidelity of vision’ of the person(s) I might hand it off to, that is.


As you can imagine, this means that 999,999,999 out of 1,000,000,000 times, I am working alone. And I’m cool with that. Hell, I prefer that. But I have been told that I do play well with others, despite my quirks.




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