Oh, Alpha 2…

It never ceases to amaze me how something appearing at first frustrating and disruptive can so often turn out a blessing in disguise.

The holidays started frustrating. Six weeks of almost constant productivity was broken by vanishing plugin authors and personal obligation.

The resulting frustration lead to the mistake of trying to find ‘productive time‘. Which only resulted in splitting my focus between disappointments and what mostly ended up being broken features held together with spit and glue.

Most have been scrapped.

However, I think the misadventure resulted in revelations and may have just saved me from more frustration than they’ve already caused. As a consequence, I’ve begun re-designing the narrative, the class and skills system, the leveling system, and the crafting system.

All greatly simplified, and streamlined. (IMO)

I’ve also decided that Alpha updates will be smaller and focused only on features that are plugin ready. No more, partial implementation in lieu of delivered promises. The attention and effort needed to constantly work around the GUESSED result has been anxiety inducing, to put it mildly.

From now on, nothing gets planned, let alone changed, until I have a fully functional and 100% ready to use plugin.