MV Auto Tiles…

If you are familiar with VXAce’s mapping tool then your initial impressions of MV’s tool may rub you the wrong way a bit. Especially when it comes to the common technique of SHIFT+Click placement of tiles. It is a means of side stepping auto-tile processing for a single placement and only works on a base tile basis.

Initially I thought that MV was not accurately mimicking this functionality and had somehow broken the auto-tile process. However, after a little more time I realized that this small change may actually be a deliberate means of fixing a flawed SHIFT+Click tiling.

Whatever the reason (mistake, bug, or intent) it is now possible to group select tiles with the pencil and SHIFT+Click apply the entire selection (as is) without reverting the copied tiles to their non-auto base form.

Here is an example:

(Here you can clearly see where VXAce SHIFT+Click functionality only paints the BASE tile.)

(You can see that the gutter is missing and the dirt is flat)


(Here you can see that, in MV, both the original AND the SHIFT+Click painted tiles are totally identical.)15_1027b

Essentially, what this allows is for much more dynamic and multi-leveled tiling without the need for custom tiles for each elevation.

(Anyone that has attempted to make something like this in VXAce will know the pain.)

15_1027dSo… I am not ashamed to admit, that my initial misgivings regarding MV’s tile mapping where completely misplaced.