Reality Check… Incoming.

I never thought I would say this.

But I may have written to many optional mechanics… 😉

I keep telling myself that I am future proofing my game, so that I can plan ahead and trickle out new mechanics as the game grows in content and older mechanics get stale.

But that is assuming my game has an audience that will want it in the first place.

While I would like to believe that everyone will enjoy what I enjoy, the truth is that the RPG Maker community at large may not like what I am working on at all… It is quite a departure from traditional JRPG fare.

I have already re-designed Golem Legend’s world map twice, Skills and Class structure three times; including the Equip Slots structure. Not to mention the States structure has changed now that Armor v.3 is a parameter and no longer a state charge based mechanic… (Several months ago, it was functional but clunky so I re-wrote it as Armor v.1)

Iteration, iteration, iteration…

I also tell myself that writing it once and implementing it later, is more efficient than re-writing it later, AND implementing it later, due to potential retroactive consequences. But if the only content the new mechanics apply to, will be new content, then its sort of a wash anyway. (Assuming new mechanics don’t interfere with or unintentionally replace old ones)

But when the intent IS for core mechanics to be replaced, they often break (or make totally trivial) random content, balanced with the original mechanics. Which forces a revisiting of entire content arks. (As if I am not wasting enough time, every day, as is)

But getting something playable in the hands of the community sooner, allows time for audiences to grow and helps guide the creation of new content. Rather than having to guess what they want.

As a matter of fact, some of the most successful indie developers preach the release early and release often strategy like dogma… And I have not released anything more than a few practice builds over the last few years.

And now that RPG Maker MV is releasing, the total obsolescence of the VXAce community scripting is a forgone conclusion. In other words, if its not already written, and in usable form, it won’t be.

A consequence of MV using Javascript, not Ruby.


It’s become pretty obvious that I must begin working on something that people can play, soon. For my own sanity if nothing else.

This means that I am going to have to scrap the last of my Battle Mechanic plugins ‘Aptitudes‘ and button up my State Mechanic… With as few features as I can manage. Aura States, Disjunction and Living States will have to wait… /cry


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