Preliminary Classes (Excluding Golem)

A small example of some of the extensive documenting I insist on doing so that I do not accidentally step on my own toes during this process.

(All stats are indicative only. Based on top left ‘Level’. Using ‘Warrior’ as the base class.)

preliminary_class_specifics_15_1020You will notice that each class has a Tier, an Ethos (sometimes), Primary Aspects and Secondary Aspects. Each corresponding to further detailed lists.

Tier is indicative of the expected access and level bias involved. (Tier 0 is game start, Tier 0.5 is halfway through chapter one)

Ethos corresponds to Deistic Order. A plot device used to add constraints to behavior.

Aspects are my solution to class planning. each one corresponds to specific details that are identical for each class with that Aspect.


  • OccultistsCan read Casting Scrolls and Cyphers.
  • RitualistCan perform Rituals at Shrines and Temples.
  • MedicCan Craft Medicine, and focuses on Curing effects. Can Quick-Rest without Camping.

Note: Resting is a party activity used to pass time and restore some ‘Use’ limited abilities.

For the record, this screenshot is already obsolete. 😉


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