A moment of Reflection and a little Self Indulgence.

I do not consider myself a smart man, despite what everyone that has ever gotten to know me has told me. I would characterize myself as ‘reasonably competent‘ with a flare for the dramatic and occasionally a rare touch of genius (aka: madness). But definitely not smart.

I make to many mistakes. I have to many bad habits. I waste WAY TO MUCH time.

Having said that, I think today stands out as one of my moments of Madness. 😉

I think I have FINELY assimilated the concepts of reflection. As they exist in Ruby, that is.

Which is probably one of the easiest environments to do so.

15_0824aIt is a simple example, but exceptionally powerful. It is missing a few improvements, but the capture has already been immortalized in a tweet, so I figure I’ll immortalize it here as well.

It came about as I ruminated over the exploding collection of conditional variables I was being forced to pre-define for the Armor Actions section of my Armor script. I am not sure why I chose reflection, rather than simply pre-define a hand full of evaluated strings and walk away. It just sorta of felt right.

That and I think I needed a reason to practice it, as I work towards a more complete understanding of programming in general. I still have so many best practices to drill into my noggin…

Anyway. For what its worth.


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