Detour’s are sometimes good.

Had a small setback for a little while there and found myself in need of something a little less ‘busy‘ and a little more ‘inspirational‘… So I tackled battle mechanics. Nothing too big. ;p

I’m calling it my ‘AP Battle System‘ (or battle mechanic) and it’s based off of Yanfly’s FTB System, with a twist.

First, it’s not free turn anymore. Actions are executed at the moment they are decided, and in order of battler speed. It does still keep the actions count for each battler, allowing for multiple actions in a single turn (assuming the battler has the AP to spend on that action). However, total AP is no longer party limited.

Actions are still assigned AP costs. However, now enemies enjoy the same benefits of AP use! If an enemy has more AP to spend, it will get multiple actions in a round, just like an actor.

I am leaving it minimalist in regards to displaying action order, because I am of the opinion (minority as it may be) that knowing who is going to act when, is tantamount to cheating. Part of ‘real strategy‘ is NOT knowing when or where your enemy is going to strike. As such, scouting and reliable battlefield condition information is often as critical, if not more so, than any planned maneuver or set of commands.

Order gauges, displaying who is acting when, are simply CRAZY to me. If that kind of information is available it should be limited, specialized, and COSTLY. Such as a character with a limited use ability of divining the turn order at that moment…

Battler speed is factored using two parameters, rather than one, and the actions speed no longer matters. Slower actions simply cost more AP. Which leads me to the next big caveat to the FTB mechanic… Delay, and Pass.

Delay, allows an actor, currently selecting an action, to choose to wait until after the next battler acts that turn. I have not decided if there is going to be a cost to this, other than simply not knowing who’s the next to act.

Pass, allows the actor to ‘cache’ most of the AP for that turn and add them to the AP they get next turn. This way, abilities that cost more AP than a battler generates in a single round, can be used as long as the battler has passed one or more turns. (Which is effectively similar to casting times)

Effects like haste and slow can also have an impact on the total AP of a battler… Including enemies.

As for the State Mechanic, it is functioning as intended but still incomplete. Now that I am back into the swing of things, I don’t expect it to take much longer before I am done with it. At which point, I am going to take a good hard look at what else I have planned and do some serious feature cutting.

Hopefully, sooner than later, I’ll have something resembling a proof of concept (aka: demo) of my work to share with the RPGMaker community; in order to illicit feedback. With three completely custom DEEP battle mechanics (States, Armor, & the above) I am hoping I’ll have a solid enough combat system that it ALONE will be fun enough to play for hours. Battle, is essentially what the vast majority of nearly all JRPG’s consist of, after all.


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