A parameter by any other name…

Would it smell as sweet? (a non pretentious if somewhat gratuitous literary reference!)

I have taken what could be seen as an unnecessary and even radical step of re-naming the default parameter set within the RPGMaker system. And lucky me, since I have gone and taught myself to code in Ruby, I’ve also begun using custom methods to refer to them in my code.

They are:

Might – MIG (aka: Attack – ATK)

Defiance – DEF (aka: Defense – DEF)

Sorcery – SOR (aka: Magic Attack – MAT)

Exalt – EXA (aka: Magic Defense – MDF)

Finesse – FIN (aka: Agility – AGI)

Ingenuity – ING (aka: Luck – LUK)

Personally, it is making it a lot more intuitive to use and to justify the spattering of their use amongst a more divergent set of formulas and class mechanics this way… Because MY GOODNESS do I have a shit ton of class mechanics planned.

And to think, at one time I once eschewed even the idea of class mechanics in my dull, uninteresting, and otherwise unimportant game designing history.

Funny how the reality of the market, and its demand for ‘spoon-fed’ variety, can change ones mind in such regards.


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