Eat your Serialization!

I get the impression, had I not spent three days chasing my tail, I may be done with the lions share of my State Engine by now… But that, combined with real life, conspired against me!

Actually, I was reminded (yet again) of my lack of experience with Ruby (and coding in general) by another of my attempts to use code I thought I understood, but only enough to be dangerous.

It seems that there is a little thing called a Proc object that gets created any time the direct result of an eval(lambda) is captured in a variable. And woes be to those that attempt to capture said object in an instance variable that could EVER possibly be serialized.

(Three days of lost patience, tail chasing, and finely stumbling upon the right questions to ask, later and…woe IS me)

I just spent the first half of today re-writing all such pesky little potential game crashers, and replacing the errant code with a nice little demi-plane of Cache were they will sit until terminated, without fear of interference.

Just to get myself back to the point I had reached when I began anew, Monday morning. Back, when this indigestion began… This lead me to tweet a few choice observations regarding the nature of proven systems vs. innovation, and FAILURE.

In other news, my State Engine is working exactly s I had hoped…

So far, Proc dump crashes aside, so good! I hope to have a more complete picture to report this weekend.

Update: 15_0703

Unfortunately, life decided I needed to take several weeks working some things out. Only to try and return to my code, with high hopes… But so far, frustration. It’s still unclear if something I’ve done these last few weeks (with my AP System) has contributed to the mess, but it’s doubtful. It does seem that I made some rather large assumptions then, that have become serious flaws now. /sigh


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