Script Tip: Fomar’s ‘Equipment Skills’ & Yanfly’s ‘Equipment Engine’

I may be in the minority here, but I like the option of being able to give the player a temporary ‘special’ skill only available when equipping a specific item. Of course, there are several ways one may go about doing this. The simplest, is in the form of a weapon requirement in the skill itself, which is built into the ACE tools.

Another, more complex but rather simple way, is to utilize one of the many skill/item restriction scripts, like Tsukihime’s ‘FP Item and Skill Restrictions’. But doing this still requires that the skill already be assigned to each class/actor that will utilize it. The item, level, stat restriction is merely there to ‘control’ it. So, I decided for the less overhead route.

Instead, I have opted to slap together Fomar’s ‘Equipment Skills System Script’ (script) and Yanfly’s ‘Ace Equip Engine’ (script).

Now, anyone that has attempted to do this already may have discovered that these scripts do not play well together, as they both attempt to alter the item menu. Yanfly’s script alters the menu, making the lower left window into the equipment selection list, while Fomar’s script alters the menu (the least) by simply adding a list of the skills the item adds, when equipped. Of course, placing Former’s script on top of Yanfly’s causes an error, while placing it underneath causes said menu to vanish completely.

Since I am still a relative Ruby novice (my limited coding skill is in C# and Java) so I can not hope to re-write what they have done. So I opted instead, to ‘HACK’ my way into them, without (hopefully) ruining either ones functionality.

So after placing Fomer’s script right above Yanfly’s:

I went into Former’s script, right around line 280,  where the update aliased method is, and commented out the line containing this code.

@status_window.refresh(self.item) if == true

And Voilà! Both scripts function, without ruining the experience. Of course, you are going to have to list any skills an item grants in its description from then on, otherwise the player wont be any wiser for it, and will likely be very confused as to why they suddenly have a new skill.

Keep in mind. This is by no means considered the perfect solution. Had I been better at Ruby, and RGSS3, I would likly be able to make both work without hacking them up. But this suits my purposes, and I wanted to share it, in case it suits yours as well!

Be safe.


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